The Inspiration

Mama Eugie

Androzia Cosmetics is a family business founded on the principles instilled in our founder, Vanessa Charlton by her grandmother Eugie Belle Turnquest. The idea was birthed by the desire to create a product line that represented a holistic approach to hygiene, skin care and hair care for the entire family. The challenge was in creating a company that embodied the simplicity yet greatness that went into everything she did for us and our family throughout the years of her great life. 

If we all look back in our lives there may have been a strong female presence that influenced, molded and showed us through sheer will and love that the impossible can be accomplished. For some, they do not have to look very far for such a portrayal as that is the story of their life. Eugie Belle was a woman that created magic on a daily basis with limited resources enhanced the lives of her children and grandchildren and through her legacy will continue to do that to this day.  

Mama Eugie, as she was affectionately called, taught that we are all capable of capturing something amazing from nature’s bounty. If we capitalize on the health and nutritional value of each element utilized we can be as healthy and pure as the Eleuthera breeze. Our aim is to get back to the basics, and reinvent the wheel the way it should have been created in the first place, organically, as well as chemical and cruelty free.






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